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City of Ottawa Review of Permanent Sign By-law

Heads Up The City has posted four permanent signage-related issues papers on and would like your input on them by January 13, 2016. New and Emerging Sign Technologies and […]

Tips and services to help you find a snow removal contractor

Ottawa – The City of Ottawa provides a number of tips and services to help residents with the clearing of snow from their walkways and driveways. The Snow Go Program […]

Refugee 613 Sponsorship Workshop

  Do you want more information before committing to sponsoring a refugee from Syria or elsewhere? Do you need help forming a group? Refugee 613 in partnership with the Coalition […]

The City’s Election-Related Resources Policy (ERRP) prohibits Members of Council who are seeking re-election in a municipal election from using their office budgets and staff for newsletters and general communications from August 23, 2018 up to and including October 22, 2018 (known as the ‘blackout period’). As a sitting Member of Council, I must adhere to the City’s ERRP, meaning that this website will not be updated during the blackout period. My office remains open to deal with day-to-day constituency matters.