BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)


Integrated bus loops at hub and terminus stations will allow riders on Bus Rapid Transit to quickly make connections.


Downtown Tunnel


A 2.5-km downtown tunnel will ease congestion in the core.


Walking and Cycling


Stations integrated with pedestrian and cycling pathways will promote healthy, sustainable commuting.


Schedule of Project Background

November 2008 Council Approves Transportation Master Plan
May 2009 Council Approves Alignment Report
August 2010 Province Approves Environmental Assessment
November 2010 Preliminary Engineering Commences
December 2011 Request for Proposals to Design & Build
December 2012 Proposal Selection
February 2013 Contract Awarded
February 2013 Construction Commences
2019 Full Revenue Service


Station features

Tunney’s Pasture                 Bayview                                     Pimisi

Lyon                                  Parliament                                  Rideau                                       

UOttawa                             Lees                                          Hurdman

Tremblay                            St-Laurent                                 Cyrville

Blair                                   Downtown Tunnel                      Belfast Yard