Frequently Asked Questions – Presto 3.1 Upgrade

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Frequently Asked Questions – Presto 3.1 Upgrade

Q1. Why is Presto upgrading its system?

A1. The central Presto system requires an upgrade to enable features for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). In addition, this upgrade will result in improved customer self-serve functions on the website, enhanced customer care and Presto operations, and will also allow greater interoperability between some Presto service locations.

Q2. How long will this outage and upgrade take?

A2. The planned interruption to services will occur from 10 p.m. Friday, January 15, until 8 a.m. Monday, January 18, 2016, to help minimize the disruption to customers.

Q3. Why does it take so long to upgrade?

A3. The central operating system for Presto administers transactions on the Presto website ( and payments made on Presto devices. This operating system requires an upgrade to integrate technology to update TTC services, as well as to improve self-serve options on the web site.

The temporary interruption to the system will take place over a mid-month weekend to help minimize the disruption to customers. During the upgrade, systems need to be made unavailable to customers in order to ensure proper processing. This does take some time to test and ensure system stability.

OC Transpo thanks customers for their patience during this time.

Q4. What services will be unavailable during the 3.1 upgrade?

A4. The temporary service interruption will result in the following services being unavailable on

  • Online card purchase;
  • Ordering a replacement card;
  • Accessing accounts online;
  • Loading cards online or by phone;
  • Registering cards;
  • Activating cards;
  • Setting up Autoload or Requested Renew contracts;
  • Transferring balances to a new card;
  • The “Contact Us” form on the website; and,
  • Hotlisting (blocking) cards.

It is important to note that, with the exception of hotlisting and transferring lost or stolen cards and accessing transaction histories, the above-listed services will still be available during regular business hours at OC Transpo Customer Service Centres.

All online services will be restored on Monday, January 18, 2016. There will however, be a delay in displaying customer information on the website until January 20, 2016. Presto customers can still use their Presto card to travel as usual during this time.

Q5. Why can’t I access the website between 10 p.m. on January 15 and 8 a.m. on January 18?

A5. The temporary interruption of online services is necessary is to allow Presto to carry out essential upgrade and maintenance work. This was planned over the weekend of January 15-18 to limit the disruptions for customers. All services will be restored early in the morning of Monday, January 18, 2016; however, there will be a delay in displaying customer information on the Presto website until January 20, 2016.

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